Alma Mater of the AUB

I was listening to Richard Feynman’s 1964 lectures at Cornell University and this is the first time I realized that Cornell’s Alma mater sounds exactly like the Alma mater at the American University of Beirut. Well, it is the same music!

Richard Feynman is one of my favorite scientists and teachers. He has this remarkable gift of explaining science in the most interesting way. With great passion, he makes you imagine things and link them to physics and natural phenomena with a joyful and fascinating manner. My favorite piece is his fire explanation (here).


Back to AUB’s Alma mater, It seems that many universities used that same melody. Visiting Cornell’s Department of Music website, I found the below.

“The original melody was taken from a melancholy ballad, Annie Lisle, written by Boston musician H. S. Thompson in the late 1850s. Although Cornell is believed to be the first school to have used the melody for its Alma mater, it has since been copied by high schools and universities around the world, including Indiana University, the University of Missouri, the University of Georgia, the University of North Carolina, and even the American University in Beirut.” Cornell University Department of Music (source)

Here is the original melody: Annie Lisle by H.S. Thompson

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