Microsoft Data Amp 2017

With 12 billion dollars yearly investment in R&D, Microsoft is really shaping our future with their amazing innovation. I just watched Microsoft Data Amp keynote by Scott Guthrie and got so excited about all the new technologies injected to the data platform ecosystem.

Microsoft Data Amp was on April 19, it is an online event focused on Microsoft data platform. It is of interest to developers and anyone working with data, analytics, and artificial intelligence. Below are some of the announcements from the event:

SQL Server 2017

  • SQL Server for Linux, you can now install it on Linux!
  • You can also install it on any Docker-based system
  • Adaptive query processing (the database will fine tune your queries intelligently)
  • Introducing SQL Graph, an extension to create graph objects and schemas
  • Support for R and Python with the new Machine Learning Services on SQL Server

These added features are really impressive for a commercial database.

Migration Service for Azure SQL

You can now literally migrate an Oracle, MySQL or SQL Server on premise to an Azure SQL running on the cloud. Just run a wizard on the Azure Portal.

Azure Analysis Services made GA (generally available)

An enterprise grade OLAP engine and BI modeling platform offered as a fully managed platform-as-a-service. This will let you combine data from multiple sources and create your own BI semantic model. You can connect it to Power BI, Excel and even Tableau.

Azure SQL additional features

SQL Agents, Service Brokers, SQL Profiler, R support and Transaction Replication are all made available to the cloud database.

What's more impressive is the new Threat Detection for Azure SQL which leverages machine learning to secure your database and guard its performance.

DocumentDB Spark connector

DocumentDB is one of the loveliest things on the platform, a highly available NoSQL database that stores your data as JSON objects (documents) and with an added value of indexing on all properties of the document. With the new Apache Spark connector, you can get the most efficient processing and simply scale to a global level while using DocumentDB as a data lake.

Also to mention more announcements on the Cortana Intelligence, U-SQL, Azure Data Lake Analytics and Azure Data Lake Services GA. Also R Server 9.1

You can check the event and keynote on the below links:


All sessions:

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