New Features for Developers in Windows Phone 8 – Part I

The new WP8 sdk ships with many new features that give developers access to all of Windows Phone 8’s new APIs .
Here is a quick overview of the cool new stuff:

Tile Templates and Tile Sizes

•Windows Phone 8 supports three Tile templatestiles
•Flip – flips from front to back (similar to the WP 7.1 Tile template)
•Iconic – clean iconic layout designed to reflect Windows Phone design principles
•Cycle – cycles through up to nine images

Lock Screen on Windows Phone 8

•You can register your app as a lock screen provider, which enables:lock
•User can select your app to show detailed status on the lock screen
•Can select your app as one of the five apps to show quick status (icon and count)
•Can select your app as the lock screen background image provider

New Launchers



The new Maps controls use technology supplied by Nokiamaps
•New features:
•Vector-based for faster rendering
•Four cartographic map modes
•Light and dark color modes
•Display landmark and pedestrian features

Location and Location Tracking

New Location API in the Windows Phone Runtime API set
•Similar to Windows 8 Location API
•Windows Phone OS 7.1 .NET Location API still supported
•Background location-tracking apps
•Run continuously in the background when the user navigates away from the app
•Enables scenarios such as Run Trackers, turn-by-turn navigation


Windows Phone 8 allows you to enable users to robustly interact with your app using their speechvoice
•Two types of voice interaction are new:
•Voice Commands – Allows users to deep-link into your app by holding down the Start button and speaking a prefix you specify for your app, followed by a command that you define.
•Speech Recognition and Text-to-Speech APIs – While in the context of your app, allow users to provide input using their voice, and readout text to users via text-to-speech


Credit & Debit Cards
Loyalty & Membership Cards
Access Saved Deals
Supports NFC Tap to Pay

UI Controls

•Flat lists
•Grouped lists – with headers
•Jump List
•Formerly in the Silverlight Toolkit
•Pivot and Panorama now in ROM
•WebBrowser control now based on Internet Explorer 10

3 Screen Resolutions


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