Thank You, Richard Dawkins

I’ve always been curios about the theory of evolution and I always wanted to get introduced to that “controversial” theory by Charles Darwin. It happened that a friend of me was talking about Richard Dawkins, so when I decided to dig for evolution theory, I hit google videos and there I found a set of videos for Dawkins presenting a series of lectures to small students, it was “Growing Up in the Universe, a series of lectures given by Richard Dawkins“, I downloaded those videos.

Actually I was shocked by how easy it was! Dawkins’ presentation for those kids was extremely informative and simple, full of demostrations and live examples. I was totally happy and satisfied that I learned something new that seems to explain rationally why I am here on planet earth! I felt a strange confidence in science and a strong will to pursue reading about evolution. Those lectures were the trigger to start cleaning up all irrational beliefs from my system and replacing them instead with profound and elegant explanations that are supported only by true evidence. Those lectures, I can say have changed my way of thinking in many ways. What seemed before ambiguous and puzzling was expressed in a beautiful elegant explanation supported with thousands of pieces of evidence. It changed the way how I look to my own exsitence and all living things around me. It was a start point for my personal Failed search for a god. It created inside me a strong passion and bond to science and scientific methods. It was the end of all the baloney I once believed in.

Since then I have tried to give all my friends copies of those lectures. I wish I had seen those videos when I was a little kid, I’m sure it might have changed so many things about me and my education and my career. Still it changed a lot!
Thank you Richard Dawkins !

Growing Up in the Universe

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